Paragliding / Paramotoring Kurdistan - Iraq

We are currently working on this amazing location with establishing new sites for paragliding and paramotoring.

The goal is to arrange trips forparagliding in the period of March - June when the spring thermals are strong and for paramotoring in October - December when the air is calm and the thermal activity very low. We will stay in Sulaymaniyah. A city in northern Iraq. 

From the hotel it takes only 20 minutes by car to the nearest take-off point. Depending on the wind direction, we fly on either the east or west side of a gigantic thermo hang. The length of it is almost 80km. A dream for any XC pilot.

But Kurdistan is not just Sulaymaniyah. We will be going places such as Dukan. A beautiful lake surrounded by mountains just 1.5 have way from Sulaymaniyah. A perfect place for a picnic and flying.

The first trip for paramotor pilots will take place 28 October - 07 November. Tour 2: 09 - 19 November. Maximum number of participants: 10 Minimum: 4 
During this trip we will be going places of astonishing beauty and enjoying Kurdish hospitality. For sure it will be an experience of your life time.